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This project is based in Mbweni area, 5 minutes walk from the beach. The Volunteer house and Main office are located on the same piece of tropical land.  The Projects are all within walking distance (or a short drive away). Our outreach Projects and clinical and Medical Projects are on the outskirts of stone town.  The Area is Called FUONI where there is a Local Hospital in a Lovely Rural village. We look forward to having you with us and helping at our Medical project in Real Rural Africa (Zanzibar) We have a great need for Qualified Nurses, Doctors, Trainee nurses and Doctors and also just anyone that is willing to help.  There is also a weekly home Group, church group that you can attend if you wish too.


This project offers Volunteer opportunities and internship opportunities to trainee Doctors and Nurses and qualified Doctors and Nurses.  We also welcome people that are willing to help (without qualifications).  We are reaching out to many less privileged people in need daily.  We see around 250 patients per day, Adding HOPE and LOVE into their lives through improving the clinics with good leaders. We offer short and long term mission trips for volunteers who want to make a meaningful impact on Zanzibar Tropical Island.

The Clinical and Medical Project is based 1-2 kms away.  Our fees include transport to and from the projects.  We have mobile clinics that have a great need for volunteers. We will so appreciate your help at this project. We have a great need for helpers and Volunteers to assist us.

You can come as an individual Volunteer or come with a few friends (most our volunteers travel alone) You are bound to make heaps of new friends when you are with us. The Volunteer house is based 1km from beautiful Beaches.  Zanzibar is a beautiful Island Famous for its Spices. The Island offers unique and outstanding Beaches, Interesting Activities, such as swimming, scuba Diving, Lazing on the beach, surfing, Visiting the  Spice Farm, and the Cultural Delights of the Stone town close by to the Projects. 


All volunteers must be 18 years old (If you are younger than 18 years old then we will require a Permission letter from your Parents agreeing for you to Travel).  If you are not a qualified Doctor or Nurse then you are most welcome to assist our Nurses and Doctors (however you will not be able to work hands on with the patients).  If you are doing your internship for your Studies then this will be a great experience for you.

We prefer our Volunteers to come with the mindset of being motivated and hard working. All volunteers must have adequate travel insurance (hospital cover advised).


The Project has a Great need for Medical assistance.  Our Mobile Clinics are open to the Public in Zanzibar.  We offer a service for the local people to receive Good medical attention. We have a great need for volunteers to help us with Welcoming patients, assisting with Paper work, Assisting with caring for Patients and assisting the local Doctors and Nurses.  We place the volunteers accordingly to the experience they have.  If you are an experienced nurse or doctor then we may require you to work hands on with Patients.  If you have less experience then we will prefer your help with assisting the Doctors and Nurses and Practice. We see around 250 patients every day at our clinic.  (we have a few clinics in the area) so we really do have a great need for help.  Each clinic currently only has 2-3 Doctors and 2-3 nurses.  We really look forward to having your help.  If you have a Nurse uniform or Doctors Clothes, then please bring these along to wear at the Clinic.


You will be housed, at a local Neat house (situated 1km from the beach).  The Property mainly runs sufficiently (sometimes there is hot water), Other-wise the water is cold (which can be refreshing after a hard day’s work) The climate is tropical so a cold shower is usually ideal. Please be prepared for African Style living in an African atmosphere, It is however an amazing experience. The accommodation is comfortable and clean.  We have a fully equipped kitchen in the house and shops and restaurants are near to the house.   We do like to try and give our volunteers the very best we can.

Please budget on an additional food amount of:  $50 per week for food. (Our team will take you to the shops once a week to buy your food).


You will be collected from Zanzibar international airport and one of our friendly team leaders will welcome you on arrival.  If you arrive on a Ferry from the Mainland of De es Salaam, then we will collect you at the Ferry Pick up Point.

Basic Orientation will be given to you within 24 hours of your arrival. The orientation will cover basic conduct within the area, safety, transport, activities, food and supplies.  We will also give you a basic tour of the village and show you our relevant projects.  


  1. Click on this application form link - this form only takes around 2 minutes to fill out: (this is the same link as on our previous Page). 
  2. Once you receive an email from us confirming approval of your application form (within 24 hours from submission to us), then you can go ahead and pay the once off registration fee to reserve your place with us.  This fee is $260 once off, and can be paid via the DONATE button on our home page with a visa or Credit Card (or via PayPal). We will send you an Invoice for the registration fee. The remainder of the weekly fees are due on arrival at the airport.
  3. You can then Go ahead and book your return Flight.  We do recommend you book your flight 3-6 months before Travel to get the best fare Possible.
  4. You can purchase your visa on arrival.  The cost is $100 - $200 for the visa and Permit.  It is easy to purchase the visa on arrival.
  5. We will send you a list of What to pack and other relevant information once we have received your application form.  Our Team looks forward to welcoming you.

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